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Vivaldi "Concerto alla rustica"

Updated: Apr 28, 2020

Here's a very lively version of the first piece Philharmonia is working on. This recording was made with "period instruments" which means that they used old-style fiddles with no chin rest or shoulder rest, with gut strings and ligther bows. Listen to how light (and fast) it is. Also listen to how the harpsichord gives the music its very characteristic tone. Very fun music.

I think that we can bring out the "rustic" element of it a little bit more in our MYSO version. Keep the drive and the energy, but bring out the... well, "rustic," fiddle-like quality to it.

Now, listen to this other version with oboes and with some added drones at the introduction:

Does the second recording feel more or less "rustic" to you? What do you think? Bonus points if you compare the middle movement in each version.

See you Saturday. Be there EARLY for sectionals.


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