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General Information


MYSO offers multiple levels of String Orchestras.   Our Young Mozart Orchestra is perfect for beginner strings students just beginning their musical journey and is conducted by Ms. Camila Patino.  Our Allegretto Orchestra is an elementary strings orchestra for students who have a few years of playing experience.  It is conducted by Ms. Tammy Luke.  Finally, we offer a more advanced intermediate orchestra, our Scherzo Orchestra, which is conducted by Mr. Alex Encinas.  Musicians will audition to assess their level of music knowledge and experience prior to being placed in one of these three levels.  Our Strings Program also provides students with Music Theory Class in order to give them the best musical foundation.  


Woodwinds & Brass Instruments

MYSO also offers Middle/High School Woodwind and Brass Ensembles.  Our woodwind and brass ensembles focus on their personal instruments in sectional rehearsals and then join with our strings to create a full Orchestral Experience for our students.  


Tuition for the Scherzo Orchestra or the Woodwind/Brass Ensembles is $400 for two semesters. Tuition for the Allegretto Orchestra is $300 for two semesters. Tuition for the Young Mozart Orchestra is 250 for two semesters.  If a musician joins half-way through the year, tuition is half of the yearly amount. Each semester is approximately 12 weeks long. In addition to tuition, each musician is required to participate in a minimum amount of fundraising totaling approximately $150 per semester.
Sectionals are an invaluable opportunity that musicians will receive in the Woodwind/Brass Ensembles, Scherzo Orchestra, and Allegretto Orchestras. These are sessions where your musician will practice with his instrument group only and where technique is stressed just for that instrument group. All musicians will attend regular sectionals taught by professional musicians to supplement their musical education and promote orchestral development. Participation is required. 
The Spring 2024 Season rehearses at St. Richard Catholic School at 100 Holly Drive, Jackson, MS 39206 on Saturday mornings from 9:00 am.  You will receive more detailed information about rehearsal times after your registration and audition is received.  In addition, there is a parent orientation at the start of each new semester which lays out all the programing and calendar for that semester.

MYSO is the educational arm of the Mississippi Symphony Orchestra. We celebrate our 75th season this year. We are made up of talented, young musicians from across the state of Mississippi.  Most of our musicians come from the tri-county area of Jackson including Hinds, Madison, and Rankin counties and attend public, private and home schools.  MYSO is open to all youth musicians through their senior year of high school. MYSO has performed across the country and regularly performs at a myriad of events in and around the Jackson area throughout the season.  We are excited about the new and challenging repertoire, performance opportunities, and collaborations in store this year.
You may contact us via e-mail at 

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