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Scherzo Ensemble

Our Scherzo program is designed to cater to the students who have progressed beyond the beginner stages and are ready to expand their skills and musical repertoire.  It focuses on refining the student's playing technique, and developing musical expression.  Our curriculum may include specific exercises, etudes, scales and advanced bowing techniques to enhance the student's technical abilities.  Special attention is given to refining posture, bow control, intonation, vibrato, shifting and more advanced techniques.  Classes are conducted by professional musicians who are members of the Mississippi Symphony Orchestra.

Classes start Saturday August 10th

9:00 - 11:45 am

$200.00 Semester Tuition + $150.00 Fundraising Commitment


Scherzo String Ensemble

General Rehearsal - 2 hours

Students will received in depth training specifically for their instrument and will have a repertoire of chamber style music playing as a Violin / Viola ensemble. 


Exploring Rhythm and Sound - 30 minutes

Special emphasis will be given to exploring musical theory and ear training.


The String, Woodwind  & Brass Ensembles will come together to play as a larger orchestra for select pieces.

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