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Scherzo Ensemble Auditions Are as Easy as 1-2-3!

Welcome! We are delighted you want to be a part of the MYSO Scherzo Ensemble!

Auditions are now OPEN!

(Auditions are typically open in May for the fall season and in November for the spring season) 

Auditions are to include:

a short music selection of your choice

a scale of your choice

Piano accompaniment is not necessary nor is a professional video.

Video recorded with a smartphone is good enough.

Just make sure you're in a quiet room with no distractions (ie.TV, conversation, or a ringing phone) 

Make sure you face the camera to show your bowing.


Once you have completed your registration page...Video you it to us! That's it!


Our conductors will review each submission and determine ensemble placement. 


Complete the MYSO Scherzo Registration Form


Record a few minutes of your best playing and a scale in one take. You may play any complete piece, concerto, etude, etc. with or without piano accompaniment.​

Review Scherzo Music Requirements

You may use any prior seasons' repertoire as a guide in choosing an audition selection, but there is no expectation to play the exact selection.

Use the prior seasons' repertoire as a gauge to the level of play expected at each program level. Click the button below to find a list of previous MYSO repertoire.

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