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Support MYSO Today!

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MYSO is a non-profit organization committed to providing the highest level of musical instruction to every student. 

Your donation helps us:

  • Foster creativity, discipline, and cognitive development among young individuals.

  • Empower youth with powerful life skills that extend beyond the musical realm.

  • Promote inclusivity by offering extremely low tuition for students while offering the highest level of professional musical training to ensure that economic barriers do not prevent talented young people from pursuing their passion for music.

  • Celebrate diversity by showcasing a wide range of musical genres and traditions helping to bridge cultural gaps and foster an appreciation for global musical heritage among participants and audiences.

  • Provide platforms for these talented young musicians to not only showcase their skills but also to instill a sense of pride and accomplishment.

  • Bring together young musicians from diverse backgrounds, fostering friendships and promoting social cohesion.


Please consider donating to MYSO today to continue this legacy for years to come!

Here's another easy way to help:

Do you shop at Kroger?


You can now give a percentage of what you spend on groceries directly to MYSO when you use your Kroger Plus Card. This doesn’t interfere in any way with your gas points, etc.


Go to to sign up!!

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