Our Orchestras

MYSO is a strings-only orchestra with four levels from beginner to advanced. All four orchestras are under the direction and guidance of professional musicians. We stress mastery of certain skills and proper technique of the instrument at each orchestra level. Thus we do not specify a particular age or grade for any of our orchestras because playing is first and foremost about skill. Musicians are properly placed in one of the orchestras based upon the skills they need to attain at that level. Our musicians advance through the orchestras as they improve their musicality, playing technique, and ability to play advanced music with others within an orchestra setting.

Jubilante I Orchestra

Jubilante I is our beginner orchestra and is ideal for the musician that is just beginning their musical and orchestral journey. Musicians at this level will learn to read basic music notes, properly hold and use their bow, properly hold their stringed instrument, play open strings, listen and play with others, and the basic components of an orchestra.

Jubilante Tuition: $300 per year

Jubilante II Orchestra

Jubilante II is our advanced-beginner orchestra. Musicians in this orchestra continue their musical development through orchestra participation. Musicians at this level can typically read and follow music and play a basic scale. Ideally, they need at least one year of music knowledge and experience to be in this orchestra.

Jubilante II Tuition: $300 per year

Sinfonietta Orchestra

The Sinfonietta Orchestra is for experienced musicians who are at the intermediate level. These musicians can understand more complex musical phrasing, have advanced knowledge of how to synchronize and play within an orchestra setting, and master more complex musical arrangements and repertoire.

Sinfonietta Tuition: $400 per year

Philharmonia Orchestra

The Philharmonia Orchestra is the most advanced level. Musicians at this level have accomplished enough skills and technique to play the nuances of challenging music selections.

Philharmonia Tuition: $450 per year

Tuition and Fundraising

MYSO strives to keep tuition low and affordable for our families while also believing that music education is a worthwhile investment. Tuition alone covers only a portion of the true costs of providing a quality music program, therefore, in addition to providing tuition, we require our families to participate in a minimum amount of fundraising totaling approximately $300 per musician each year. Families may elect to utilize our numerous fundraising opportunities or cover the costs at their discretion.

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