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MYSO Senior Azaiah Ambrose

Azaiah was born in Louisiana on January 28, 2002. At age three he moved to Natchez, MS where he made a lot of friends and excelled in school. In the 7th grade, he picked up the violin and never put it down. He has been under the guidance of several violin teachers, including David Troutman, his longtime instructor and mentor.

Azaiah performs regularly at several events in Natchez, MS but his greatest achievements include performing at Carnegie Hall in New York City and, of course, with the wonderful Mississippi Youth Symphony Orchestra for the past three seasons. Azaiah also enjoys playing his violin for the residents of nursing homes throughout Natchez. He has also achieved in JROTC, advancing to Cadet Major.

"My best MYSO experience was during POI (Premier Orchestral Institute) when between rehearsals. I'd have so much fun with friends goofing off and playing music."

In addition to playing his violin, Azaiah loves to hang out with friends and play video games. He will be graduating from Natchez High School in Natchez, MS where he is one of the highest ranking cadets and in the top 15 students of his class. He is currently considering his choices to several colleges where he plans to ultimately pursue a military career with the United States Air Force. Congratulations, Azaiah!

Azaiah performs Bach Double Violin Concerto in D Minor with Darren Smith

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